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Happy 13th Anniversary Families with ASD! Families with ASD & ALL IN For Autism Join Forces!!

For the past 13 years, a small group of 9 volunteers have donated countless hours of free time, and much of their own money to serve families touched by autism in the Greater Cincinnati & Northern KY by serving on the Families with ASD’s All Volunteer Board.

Today, Families with ASD is excited to announce we have reached a new milestone! Starting today, Families with ASD will be working in collaboration with ALL IN For Autism. ALL IN For Autism is a local grassroots group based in Milford, OH, just like Families with ASD.

Families with ASD will continue to offer FREE Families events including the FREE Autism & Special Needs Expo, and Autism & ALL Yellow pages, as well as our Breakfast with Santa, our Out and About with Autism Group outings and Autism Get Socials. We will also continue our work with the Ohio 501st Garrison for our Join the Force for Autism events.

As many of you know, I have been struggling with many health issues over the past couple of years. My recent 2 heart attacks were a huge wake-up call for Greg and myself that we need to step back, focus on my health and our family.
You may also know that Berta and I are sisters, and that in the past five years, not only have we had to balance our volunteering for Families with ASD with our full-time day jobs, but also with our parents aging and their many health issues, we have taken on the role and responsibility of being their caregivers.

So, with that being said , we are passing the torch of the Families with ASD Board to Matt Sampsel and his ALL IN For Autism group. They will be taking over Families with ASD’s daily management and running all of the Families with ASD’s Events.

For all of our Families with ASD’s Friends, this is not a goodbye. You can’t get rid of us that easy. Current Families with ASD’s Board Members will still volunteer every chance we get at the Families with ASD’s and ALL IN For Autism events. Its just a new chapter for us. It is time for us to focus on our own families for a bit.

It is hard to believe that 13 years ago, my husband and I were struggling to find resources and support for the difficulties our son was experiencing with his autism. We had no idea that our search for help, would lead us down this path that has been so rewarding. What we found was a community of families touched by autism that not only shared our similar needs, but these families became part of our family.

13 years of meeting, socializing, educating, supporting, advocating.....13 years of meeting wonderful families from all over Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. Some families would just drop in for a bit, while others have become life-long friends.

We will never forget all the wonderful people we have met along the way. We have loved every part of the past 13 years and will never forget all whom we have met over the years. Again, this is not a goodbye. Just a new path for us all.

We are happy that Families with ASD will continue with ALL IN For Autism at the helm. I am sure you all will love Matt and his group as much as we do. They are going to bring some new energy and much needed YOUTH to the group.
We wish all of you the best of luck in your future endeavors and know that we will surely never forget the journey we took together.

With much love and respect,
Greg and Julia Ann Smith, Founders
Alberta J. Mellon, ASD Board President
Misty Griffith, ASD Board Member
Penny & Ben Minney, ASD Board Members
Patti & Ben Miller, ASD Board Members
Josh Brewing, ASD Board Member
Joel Smith, ASD Board Member
Gary Corn, ASD Board Member

ALL IN For Autism :
Families with ASD : www.familieswithasd.org