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Dayspring Church of God (Forest Park) 
1060 Smiley Avenue 
Cincinnati, OH 45240 
Email: admin@dayspringcincy.org
Web: www.dayspringcincy.org

Our Mission: It is possible to be dedicated to sharing the love of Christ with children, youth and adults with disabilities and their families. It is possible for each of us to learn valuable life lessons from those who have a disability. It is possible for people with disabilities to be fully included in the life of the Church. It is possible for us to focus on conforming into the image of Christ and not with conforming into the image of 'normal". It is possible for people with disabilities to minister and serve others as they also are members of the body of Christ who have been equipped by God with spritual gifts. It is NOT possible for us to ignore ministering to those with disabilities and their families, for we have all been created in God's image and have all been fearfully and wonderfully made and God's desire is that none would perish. Dayspring...where ministering to those with disabilities is "Mission Possible". 

Dayton Asperger Resource Network (DARN)
Audrey Schilb, Cofounder / Facilitator 
2305 Glenheath Dr. 
Kettering, OH 45440 
(937) 433-4505 
Email: daytonasperger@sbcglobal.net
Web: darngroup.tripod.com

DARN is a support group for families, educators, medical professionals, and other community members who are involved with improving the lives as individuals who have or suspect that they have autism spectrum disorders. Defeat Autism Now Web: www.defeatautismnow.com Defeat Autism Now! is a project of The Autism Research Institute (ARI) dedicated to the exploration, evaluation, and dissemination of scientifically documented bio-medical interventions for individuals within the autism spectrum. 

​Dentist:  Elizabeth Mueller & Associates           **2016 Autism & ALL Special Needs Table **
Contact: Alexis Wilson
9200 Montgomery Rd suite 4B
Cincinnati, OH 45242
5137913660 (phone)
5137913783 (fax)

High quality dental care and patient comfort are our goals. We are committed to helping your child achieve the best possible dental results in a comfortable and friendly environment. Even a child who eats properly and cleans his teeth thoroughly needs professional care. We do everything possible to keep your child smiling and cavity free, using the latest preventative techniques. But when dental probelms arise, our anxiety-free setting and attention to patient's comfort makes for easy appointments. Unlike some dental offices, parents are invited to stay with their child throughout their appointment.

Dentist: Osterday, Bryan T.D.D.S.
General Dentistry 
1149 Fehl Lane (Anderson Township) 
Cincinnati, OH 45230 
513-231-9300 Fax 513-231-9346 
Email: bryanosterday@hotmail.com 
Web: www.osterdaydds.com 

We specialize in beautifying smiles, maintaining your dental health, and helping you improve your appearance. Our experienced and friendly staff takes great pride in keeping your smile beautiful. Our promise to you is that the veneers, fillings, crowns, and bridges we create will look as good as or better than the teeth nature gave you. And to make sure we keep that promise, the products we recommend and use are the highest quality and incredibly durable. You can trust your smile with us. 

Dentist:  Dr. Ronald Poulos     Pediatric Dentistry of Anderson
7655 Five Mile Road Suite 214 
Cincinnati, OH 45230
(513) 232-0550 
Web: www.drronskidsteeth.com

Just as a pediatrician has additional years of training, tailored specifically towards children, pediatric dentist have also committed those extra years of education in the treatment of infants, children, adolescents, and children with developmental disabilities.

Disability and Autism Services of Indiana (DASI)          **2017 Autism & ALL Expo Table ** 
Contact: Erin N. Morgan
732 N. Broadway St., 
Greensburg, IN 47240

Disability & Autism Services of Indiana has proudly served families in Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky since 2008. Our mission is to provide the highest quality ABA Therapy and supporting Speech Therapy to children with Autism in their natural environments. DASI specializes in outreach ABA Therapy services for individuals ages two to twenty-two; we offer in home, school, clinic and community based ABA Therapy. With over 75 years of combined experience, our families choose DASI because of the care and customized service we provide. We utilize the most effective research-based 1:1 behavioral interventions and specialize in maximizing learning opportunities and outcomes. 

At DASI, we work closely with families, educators and behavioral staff to provide programs that are tailored to fit each child and family's specific needs. Under these programs, which offer intensive intervention based on the principles of applied behavior analysis and verbal behavior, each child receives one-to-one attention through an experienced team. Our programs make a meaningful difference and establish social opportunities to improve quality of life for children and families. 

If you are just beginning your search for the right treatment, we understand that insurance and types of funding may be very unfamiliar and difficult to navigate. We handle the following for all our therapy and consulting clients, to enable you to spend more time with your child: pre-authorization for services, re-authorizations for services, billing claims and submissions, and correcting denied or unpaid claims. Services include: ABA Therapy, Speech Therapy, Parent Training & Support, Life & Social Skills and School Transition.

Division of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics 
MLC 4002 3333 Burnet Avenue 
Cincinnati, OH 45229-3039 
513-636-4611 or) 1-800-344-2462 ext. 4611 
Web: www.cincinnatichildrens.org 

The Division of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics (DDBP) at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center provides services for infants, children and adolescents from birth to age 21 who are experiencing developmental or behavioral problems.These children may learn in a special way, have physical challenges that are different from other children or have behavioral issues that require special attention at home, in school and in the community. A multidisciplinary team of professionals provide services within the Division including; Child life specialists, Developmental-behavioral pediatrics and neurodevelopmental disability trained pediatricians, Nurses, Occupational and physical therapists,Psychologists, Social workers, Special educators, Speech pathologists, Other related specialists.

Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati     **2017 Autism & ALL Expo Table **
Contact: Kathleen Ferrara
4623 Wesley Ave, Suite A
Cincinnati, OH 45212
Fax: 513-761-5401

The mission of the Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati is to empower individuals, educate families, enhance communities and together, celebrate the extraordinary lives of people with Down syndrome.   The DSAGC offers educational classes, social opportunities, and support for individuals with Down syndrome and their families.

Dramakinetics of Cincinnati 
4222 Hamilton Ave 
Cincinnati, OH 45223 

Email: Pam.rieke@dramakinetics.org
Web : www.dramakinetics.org 

We serve ages 3 to Adults. Dramakinetics is an inclusive performing arts program that uses drama, music and movement to engage individuals of all abilities to reach their full creative potential. Our classes are 60 minutes one a week for 10 weeks. Class sessions are offered year round including a full day, week long summer camp. In class, they will learn about stagecraft,theater, and showmanship as they empower themselves through performance. During each session,, your child will build new friendships while stepping into stories and characters from myth, folklore, and characters from their favorite childhood stories. 

DreamCatcher tm Originals Weighted Blankets & Custom Blankets By Eileen 
P O Box 328 
Corvallis, Montana 59828 

Web: www.weightedblanket.net 

A weighted blanket is an important investment in healthcare, for both the person using the blanket and those who care for them. We offer extensive choice options in size, weight and fabrics you will not see elsewhere. Countless hours of research regarding weighted and sensory therapies and theories have gone into the DreamCatcher tm Weighted Blanket design. In addition, our personal success with helping our own autistic son overcome both his sleep issues and sensitivities,played a role in the weighted products we now extend to you as the DreamCatcher tm Blanket. You will find a wealth of information here, so please take your time in reading it all. We will also be adding more information as the research expands. We have provided as much accurate, precise and truthful information, backed by scientific research, to help you make an informed decision about a weighted product, throughout this web site. However, please contact us with any questions you may have, as there is much more information we can and are very happy to supply.

Dr. Elizabeth Mueller, D.D.S.
9200 Montgomery Rd 
Ste 4b 
Cincinnati, OH 45242 
Email: katy@outstandingdentalteam.com
Web: www.outstandingdentalteam.com

High quality dental care and patient are our goals. We are committed to helping your child achieve the best possible dental results in a comfortable and friendly environment. Even a child who eats properly and cleans his teeth thoroughly needs professional care. We do everything possible to keep your child smiling and cavity-free, using the latest preventive techniques. But when dental problems arise, our anxiety-free setting and attention to patient’s comfort make for easy appointments. Unlike some dental offices, parents are invited to stay with their child throughout their appointment. 

Dr. Stephen Shore 
Email: stephen@autismasperger.net
Web: www.autismasperger.net 

Dr. Stephen Shore is the 2010 Autism Expo Keynote Speaker!! Diagnosed with "Atypical Development with strong autistic tendencies" Dr. Shore was viewed as "too sick" to be treated on an outpatient basis and recommended for institutionalization. Nonverbal until four, and with much help from his parents, teachers, and others, Stephen completed his doctoral dissertation at Boston University focused on matching best practice to the needs of people on the autism spectrum. Click here to see an abstract of the dissertation. Recently, Dr. Shore has accepted a professorship at Adelphi University teaching courses in special education and autism. In addition to working with children and talking about life on the autism spectrum, Stephen presents and consults internationally on adult issues pertinent to education, relationships, employment, advocacy, and disclosure as discussed in his books Beyond the Wall:Personal Experiences with Autism and Asperger Syndrome, Ask and Tell: advocacy and Disclosure for People on the Autism Spectrum, and the critically acclaimed Understanding Autism for Dummies. President emeritus of the Asperger’s Association of New England, Dr. Shore serves on the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee, for the Board of Directors for Autism Society of America, Unlocking Autism, MAAP, the College Internship Program, and USAAA