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Impact Autism Foundation 
7955 Five Mile Road 
Cincinnati, OH 45230 
Email: contact@impactautism.org 
Web: www.impactautism.org

We serve all ages.IMPACT Autism™ seeks to do something bold and remarkable: Change the world for people living with autism. 

How? Through life management solutions that help overcome the educational, emotional and social challenges of autism through each life stage. We are fully committed to this charge and will accept nothing less as success. Our driving vision of the future is to build communities where every child and adult with autism can be an enriched, engaged, healthy and productive citizen in a safe vibrant environment. In the near term, we have focus on realizing IMPACT Every Day™, a seamless and simple technology that allows those with autism (as well as their parents, teachers, guardians and job coaches) to organize tasks, create and share tutorial content, optimize individual schedules and evaluate progress. This technology will be available for $65.00 by the end of August and serve as a revenue source for our driving vision. The big vision includes building communities that provide an enriching environment where adults can live in state of the art housing, have access to real work opportunities, recreational options and life services they need to realize their fullest potential. We call this model IMPACT MarketPlace, it combines a Place to Live with a vibrant Market of services and support to allow each individual to thrive. This will require a new model and new thinking, including innovative architectural design for housing and employment, community involvement, and world class service providers to ensure the safety and development of each individual.

Indiana Governor’s Council for People with Disabilities 
Phone: (317) 232-7770 

Indiana Resource Center for Autism & Indiana Institute on Disability and Community
Bloomington, IN 47408-2696 
(812) 855-6508 (812) 855-9630 fax 
E-mail: prattc@indiana.edu 
Web: www.iidc.indiana.edu/irca

Indiana Resource Center for Families with Special Needs (INSOURCE)
Phone: (800) 332-4433
Web: www.insource.org 

IN*SOURCE is a parent organization. Through the work and dedication of the Board of Directors, the staff and many volunteers, virtually all of whom are parents of persons with disabilities, IN*SOURCE, utilizing a proven parent to parent model, has provided quality assistance and support services and educational resources to the community of individuals and organizations that serve and support persons with disabilities. We have worked to help countless families confront the complexities and what are often the challenges of having a loved one with special needs.