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​Visionaries & Voices Northside Studio, Gallery, & Offices
3841 Spring Grove Ave. 
Cincinnati, OH 45223 
P (513) 861-4333 F (513) 861-3191 
Email: NPaddock@visionariesandvoices.com
Web: www.visionariesandvoices.com 

Visionaries & Voices 
Tri-County Studio & Corner Gallery 
225 Northland Blvd. 
Cincinnati, OH 45246 
P (513) 771-2999 F (513) 771-1802 
Email: NPaddock@visionariesandvoices.com
Web: www.visionariesandvoices.com 

The mission of Visionaries and Voices is to provide artistic and cultural opportunities for artists with disabilities. We value a world in which artists with disabilities not only create and share their works of art, but also are given the chance to learn, work, collaborate, exhibit, and celebrate with other community members. The studio program at V&V provides the individual with creative opportunities and the materials needed to make great art; provides a professional studio environment for artists to create, collaborate, learn and grow both professionally and personally; and provides the opportunity for them to exhibit and sell their art works. For artists with disabilities, the Studio Program provides a professional art studio and materials in a variety of media including drawing, painting, ceramics, wood, fiber arts, printmaking, and photography. 

The program is further enriched by field trips to museums, galleries, and other art studios. Participating artists have the ability to develop their skills and their artistic styles, to produce marketable art for exhibit and sale in the V&V studios and galleries, as well as to exhibit their work throughout the region in V&V sponsored art shows and in exhibits in independent venues. The Studio Program offers each V&V artist: •Art supplies •Studio space to create and store art, Framing of works of art •Internet access •Assistance with selling art to the public •Opportunities for to teach what they know •Opportunities to learn new skills and techniques•Opportunities to participate in collaborative art projects

V&V OUTREACH PROGRAM V&V's Outreach Program is designed to bring the services usually found in the studio program to individuals who are unable to attend the studio program. Visionaries and Voices provides these services because it's who we are. V&V reaches out to provide what only the few will do, to promote creative growth and inclusion for all individuals through the vehicle of art! No situation is so isolating that individuals should be forced to exclude themselves from the very thing that links them to the world. It is through the sustained commitment to this program that V&V sets itself apart from other arts organizations, day habilitation programs, and support systems for individuals with disabilities. An artist receiving Outreach Services also participates in V&V exhibitions and receives the marketing services for their works and, as such, is integrated into the studio and gallery experience of V&V. 

VSA Arts of Kentucky ​
P.O. Box 3320
Bowling Green, KY 42102
Tel: 270-904-7019

Arts InclusionThe VSA Kentucky Arts Inclusion Program, in every Congressional District in Kentucky, is the recipient of the National VSA Award for Excellence in Educational Programming, the VSA Award for Partnerships, and the Kentucky Governor's Award in the Arts in the area of Education.